You’re Wrong If You Don’t Think Chihuahuas Are The Best Dogs On This Good Earth

Chihuahuas are honestly the best goddamn dogs on the planet. Sorry, but it’s true.

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Even the iconic Paris Hilton and Elle Woods agree.

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Let’s look at the facts. Chihuahuas are the most loyal cuddly creatures who have an infinite amount of love to provide you even on your worst days.

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And they don’t ask for much. All they really need to meet their happiness quota is a good belly rub.

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And while they may not *LOVE* dressing up as much as you love dressing up, they will wear these tiny clothes because they know it makes you happy.

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They are cute in the absolute goofiest sort of way, but it’s what gives them that chihuahua charm.

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And while they may try and sneak food from time to time, all they really want to steal is a nice, soft blanket.

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Or to steal a spot on your bed, for that matter.

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They are small enough to be A+ travel companions.

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And they love adventures.

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And look, yes they are yippy dogs, but they do it out of LOVE and PROTECTION for YOU, and that is honestly really beautiful.

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But at the end of the day, all they’re really looking for is your comforting presence — and your lap to lie on.

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And that, friends, is why we all should be #BLESSED to have chihuahuas in our lives.

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