This Man’s Generosity Changed a Waitress’ Life

A simple act of kindness gave a waitress one of the best days of her life in the midst of one of the worst trials.

The Don Pablo’s waitress was seemingly having a horrible day. When Martin ordered food for himself and his family, Janice obliged like any waiter would. But what he did not know was that Martin was watching her from the table…

So, Martin called her up and asked for her name and how her day was going. Janice replied that she was facing some personal difficulties. Martin sympathized with the waitress’ troubles and then did something that completely shocked Janice.

To Janice’s surprise, Martin offered her $1,000 as a tip.

“Keep being who you are, keep being nice, don’t let people frustrate you, because people are not nice, and this family—the Collins family—wants to bless you”

Janice was obviously overwhelmed by the sudden gift that she had been blessed with. In fact, she broke out into tears saying how the money would help her.

Janice Green’s husband, Robert, was fighting an aggressive battle with cancer. The resilient waitress was struggling to work and make tips to take care of medical bills and their children, while her husband was desperately holding onto life.

Jessica would travel weekly from Dallas to Houston where Robert was in the hospital. She even had to sleep in her car because she couldn’t afford hotels in Houston.

Thanks to Martin’s generosity, Janice could pay the medical debt of her husband.

What Janice didn’t know was the backup story of this act of generosity…

Peter Collins was a computer technician for Computers Plus in Lexington, Kentucky. He was incredibly sentimental, though he always tried to hide it.  The small things people did for him are what touched him the most. The 29-year-old passed away just three weeks shy of his 30th birthday, Peter lived his life quickly, not holding on to many things and always with a vigor to have experiences not possessions. He was generous with the limited means he had, and his last wishes were that any money he had be given freely in ways that would impact those who received it.

Martin Collins, also from Lexington, made the goal to honor his younger brother, Peter Collins, who in his will instructed the family to leave “an awesome tip.” He wanted to tip a waiter in every state in the country.

The 29-year-old passed away just three weeks shy of his 30th birthday, but his wish endures.

After the video of Martin Collins giving out the first $1,000 tip went viral, the Collins family set out to keep the tradition going.

They solicited donations in Peter’s honor, and in just one month, they raised more than $30,000. Today, that number has risen to nearly $60,000.

Each surprising tip has also helped the Collins family cope with their loss.

“Most people, when they lose a loved one, their family grieves with them, their friends grieve with them, and we’ve had the whole world to grieve with us,” Roger Collins, Peter and Martin’s father, told us. “So, that’s pretty special.”