Mother Was About to Throw Away a Bunch of Leftovers When She Saw Something Shocking

Ever since Grace Calvin’s two sons grew up and moved out, she hasn’t had a chance to cook a big family dinner. In fact, she hasn’t had too much time to cook at all, being busy with her own job and life. For a while, cooking just was not a priority.

But one day she just felt like having a good home-cooked, roast beef dinner.

So she made roast beef with a vegetable medley—corn, potatoes, broccoli, and so on—she made macaroni and cheese, she made green beans, she grilled corn, and then she made corn muffins.

The dinner was big enough to probably feed 10 people.

After Calvin had her dinner, she went to pack up the leftovers.

Staring at all the food she made, she knew she wouldn’t finish it before it all went bad. She might have it for dinner the next day and the next, but then what? The thought crossed her mind: “I shouldn’t throw this away.”

Calvin thought about it some more and decided she was going to share the food with the homeless. There is a park near her house, and she has seen people under the gazebo, begging for change or needing a place to stay.

She started to make a plate of food, and then another, and she soon found she had enough leftovers to make 11 plates. It was already getting late, so she rushed over the park.

She got to the park and immediately saw a woman on her knees praying, with three children beside her.

As Calvin recounted the story in a video she posted to Facebook, she started to cry.

She did not know it at the time, but the woman had just lost everything—she had no money, had nowhere to go, and she didn’t know how she would provide for her three children that night.

She had just been praying, “Lord, if I could just feed my children,” and then raised her head—and what she saw was Calvin, standing there with “Thank You” bags clustered on her arms, carrying plates of food in each hand. Her three sons were tapping her on the shoulder, calling “Momma, momma.”

“She had just been praying and asking God to feed her kids if not herself.”

“And when she raised up I was standing there. And to see the tears roll down her face and how grateful she was—I was just outdone,” Calvin said, now fully crying herself.

She said she had just been at home, thinking of what to do about her leftovers. Nothing like this had even crossed her mind, but to see the light break across the expressions of the woman and her children was incredible. “They were so happy!”

Calvin took to Facebook to share her experience, because what was just a small and simple gesture she barely thought about turned out to mean the world to someone else. So what is stopping us from making these small acts part of our everyday life?

“I’m only sharing this with you guys because I know for you, like for me, a lot of times we take stuff for granted, and the small things, we don’t even think about how much it means to other people, or how much we can bless other people,” Calvin said.

Once Grace went back home, she couldn’t think of anything but that unfortunate mother on the street with her three children starving.

“This has humbled me so much, to the point where I will never, never throw away another meal.” She said.

“This could be me; this could be us. How many of these people was once us? Like they were once able and now they’re not,” Calvin said. “I couldn’t go on with my life knowing there was a whole family in need out there. While I was so comfortable in this empty house.”

The next day Calvin knew exactly what she had to do. She went to the park once again with a bunch of hamburgers she cooked herself. Grace came closer to the homeless mother; she was already thanking God for seeing her again. “She told me her name was Maria Rodriguez and that they were living out of her car until it got repoed.”

But Maria wouldn’t have to worry anymore because Calvin would open the doors of her house for her and her sons.

“Your kids will become my kids, they will go back to school and will never starve out again, now y’all are part of my family.”

” ‘You’re an angel from heaven… It’s a miracle! It’s a miracle!’ She kept saying.”

Grace wanted to gave Rodriguez family what they needed the most, a warm bed to spend the night and all the love and attention the world seemed to deny them. The kids got attached to her pretty quick, they even started to call her Aunt.

Grace was beyond happy to help them and to feel her house full of beloved people again.

According to a recent update, Maria found a job in a local store, she is saving money to move out any time sooner, even though Grace would miss her and her kids so much.