Mother Receives a Shocking Message After No One Showed Up to His Son’s 7-Year-Old Birthday Party.

The love of a mother towards her children is totally unconditional. Mothers are capable of turning the world upside down just to see their kids smiling, since a kid’s pain is his mother’s pain. It’s hard to imagine how difficult it must have been for Lisa Bowles, a single mother from Cary, North Carolina to tell some upsetting news to her son on his 7th birthday.

Despite all of the odds, Bowles has always worked hard to support her children and give them all the comforts she can afford. Although when her youngest son Evan was diagnosed with lupus, the challenges escalated.

Some days Evan was feeling well, but there were those days when the high fever and kidney disorders made him ache. “It was too much pain for my little kid to handle” Bowles said.

With Evan’s 7th birthday coming up, Laura saw the perfect opportunity to plan a party to cheer her little kid. She bought a cake and a lot of snacks, she also rented a bounce house for the party. Bowles was expecting all of Evan’s classmates to show up for the celebration.

The party was planned to start at 3:00 p.m. But there was no clue of Evan’s classmates at 5:00 p.m. Bowles biggest fear came true. None of the kids showed up to the birthday party.

Evan was expecting all of his 15 classmates to show up for his birthday party. Imagine how torn he was when he realized that none of them were going to make an appearance. Being only a six-years-old, he didn’t fully understand that his schoolmates wouldn’t be coming.

Evan asked his mother about it, he was absolutely brokenhearted. She wanted her son to have the time of his life with all of his friends, but her wishes were ruined.

When Evan’s mother told the heartbreaking story on Facebook Live, she had no idea about what would happen next.

Bowels’ video wasn’t very long, but it was full of honesty and quickly started to go viral on social media. Everyone who read it instantly sympathized for the innocent Evan who despite dealing with a serious illness, just wanted to have fun with his friends.

“My little boy’s heart is broken. We invited his whole class over for his birthday party today. But not one kid came. I have a lot of mixed feelings going on, I feel upset, disappointed but mostly sad for my little Evan. He kept asking ‘when will my friends get here?’ After dealing with this terrible disease I just wanted to give him a day to remember and I thought parents would help me to cheer up Evan, but that wasn’t the case and I just can’t understand why…” Laura said on Facebook.

The video was filled up with kind and supportive comments just minutes ago she posted most of them were for mothers all around the country who felt related to the mother’s struggle, but what Laura never saw it coming was this particular inbox message she got…

A long way from North Carolina, in Ocala, Florida. Brandy Lofton was doing housework like any other day when her 14-years-old son Jeremy came up to show her something on his phone.

“’Hey mom I need you to see this video’ Jeremy told me, he was kinda teary and It instantly puzzled me,” Brandy recalled “He wasn’t a sensitive boy at all.”

However, when Brandy saw Laura’s video, she just broke down.

Brandy Lofton on talkinh about Evan’s story on Youtube

“’Mom, I wanna help this kid, we need to help this kid, he doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment’ Jeremy told me. And I couldn’t agree more with my son”. Lofton recalled.

“Jeremy was so moved by the story because two years earlier one of his best friends had passed away from cancer… And he just never had the chance to say goodbye.” Lofton told us.

Brandy sent Bowles a private message with an invitation that would change her life.

“‘We want to take your family to a Disneyland trip’ I couldn’t believe what I was reading I thought it was some kind of prank,” Bowles said.

Bowles, still disbelieving, made a call to the mysterious woman.

“I picked the phone and I said ‘Yes, my son and I want to give your whole family the best day of your lives, you don’t have to worry about the flight or tickets or anything, we got you all covered,’ and I couldn’t hold my tears when I heard nothing but shouts of joy from Laura and her kids, I think I was on the speaker.” Lofton recalled with a smile on her face.

Evan’s mother couldn’t believe there was still someone so generous out there in the world, “The amazingness of this mother and son coming together for someone that they didn’t even know,” she said. “It just makes me recover my faith in people.”

Bowels’ dream came truth when she saw Evan and his brother having the time of their lives around the Disney parks along with their new friend Jeremy.