Make 2018 the Best Year for Chihuahua Health

Make 2018 the Best Year for Chihuahua Health

Happy New Chi!

If you’re like me, now all the festivities are over, you are turning your attention to the new year. Evaluating what you did last year and how you can make 2018 the best year so far.

Some of us will set personal fitness goals for ourselves that aims to get us fighting fit for the new year. But, it is also a good time to set some goals for your chi and improve her wellbeing for 2018!  With a few simple tweaks 2018 can be the best year ever for chihuahua health.



Looking after your chihuahuas teeth can present challenges. He may not tolerate having his teeth brushed. But there are things you can do to improve your chihuahua’s oral hygiene.

  • If nothing else do this one thing to improve your chihuahua’s teeth. Add granulated seaweed to their diet. Seaweed works from the inside dissolving plaque that builds up on your dog’s teeth. We use this everyday.You can buy it from Aniforte.
  • Let them have a gnaw on raw bone or frozen raw chicken wings. (Never give cooked bones)
  • Get him an antler to chew on. It works the same as raw bones but less mess!



Help your chihuahua drop those extra few ounces that have crept up over the year. Maintaining your chihuahuas healthy weight is key to long term chihuahua health and happiness.

  • Make a start by cutting out those extra treats that easily become a habit. The ‘licky-plate’ after your meal can very quickly add up to unwanted weight gain when you are only 10” high.
  • Think about making the transition from feeding dry kibble to either RAW or homecooked. It’s so much better for your chihuahua’s long term health.
  • If you can’t commit to feeding RAW or home-cooked, try and add some variety to your chihuahua’s diet by swapping in some steamed veggies, the odd egg or yogurt. No one wants to eat the same thing everyday and variety of food is important for optimum chihuahua health.
  • If nothing else, re-check the feeding labels on your dog food. Start weighing out food portions rather than chucking a handful in the bowl. It is so easy to overfeed.


Chihuahuas need exercise outdoors just like any dog. Running around the yard or garden is not enough. They need to get out and about meet new dogs and sniff new smells.

  • Try and find a new walk to take your chi on. No one likes doing the same walk every day. You might be surprised at the range of countryside around you.
  • Join a small breed walking group. It will help you meet new people and help socialize your chihuahua.
  • Or start a chihuahua walking group in your area. Use Facebook to help. Send us the details and Chihuahua Power will help promote it.
  • Walk for a little longer, it’s good for you and for your chihuahua.
  • Join a dog agility class, that’s what we’re doing! Size is no barrier, chis rock at agility.


Having a confident, well behaved dog is a joy. But chihuahuas can present with some quirky behaviour problems if they are not well socialised. Decide to tackle one of the main behaviour issues, it could be jumping up at visitors, barking out the window or being aggressive towards other dogs. We have a variety of articles on behaviour problems on the blog. With Minnie it will be stopping her jumping up at the grandchildren.


Teach them a new trick

Chihuahuas are intelligent and quick to learn. They will love spending time with you while you teach them a new trick. It could be general stuff, like sit or stay or something more adventurous like ringing a bell or speaking on command.

2018 is the Year of the Dog, so let’s make this the best year yet for your chihuahua and get them super fit. We love your feedback, let us know what your chihuahua plans are for the new year.

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