Dozens of Chihuahuas seized from Lethbridge home up for adoption in Calgary

The Calgary Humane Society is garnering a rush of attention this weekend as it waives adoption fees for its dogs, including dozens of Chihuahuas seized from a Lethbridge home last month.

About a dozen of the rescued dogs have already been adopted and a few dozen more are ready to go. Many others still need time to adjust, according to Calgary Humane Society (CHS) community manager Sage Pullen McIntosh.

“There are some that will still be coming available as the weeks go on. But there are others that need a little extra time in foster care or need some extra medical care,” McIntosh said.

“We’re seeing progress with medication, with behaviour support, and just time.”

The Calgary Humane Society has been caring for 88 dogs removed from a Lethbridge home on March 24. Officials said most of the dogs required extensive medical care.

The couple had more than 100 dogs, most of them Chihuahuas and Yorkies, ranging in age from eight weeks to seniors. The Alberta SPCA continues to investigate whether charges will be laid, a spokesperson said Friday.

“They’re definitely some that are so fearful that they don’t want to go outside,” McIntosh said. “And there are some that are just much happier going to the bathroom in their kennels, frankly, because they’re just too scared to be leaving.”

Lyn and Brianne Langille were at the CHS on Friday afternoon. They adopted three-month old Pip Pip, one of the dogs seized from Lethbridge.

“We’re absolutely starting from scratch. She’s not socialized, she’s not house-trained,” Lyn Langille said. “You have to let them make the first move and come to terms. We haven’t lived what they’ve lived.”

Saturday, all of the seized dogs were adopted or on an adoption hold at the Humane Society’s adoption event.

The organization said there was a huge turnout and it runs again Sunday. If you missed, any of the holds that fall through will be up for adoption again.

Until Sunday, people could choose their own adoption fee on all dogs.


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