29 Chihuahuas Fit To Rule The World

1. “Mandatory nap time should be in effect immediately.”

2. “Everyone should share, sharing is caring, HIHEYHOWAREYA!!”

3. “Everyone is guilty until proven innocent.”

4. “World Peace is my answer. Wait, no. World Peace and treats.”

5. “Prolonged servitude is the only answer, so bow down to me if you want to survive.”

6. “What? Dogs took over? That means I can go back to sleep, right?”

7. “Doing yoga and being one with the universe is the only way to run our Dognation.”

8. “World domination? I’d rather play dead.”

9. “I just really think taxes should be fair, health care accessible and education free.”

10. “Everyone must wear shades for intimidation purposes.”

11. “Full individual autonomy seems to be the best way to go.”


13. “Step 1. Allow one human to survive for body guard purposes. Step 2. Rule from an ivory tower.”

14. “Bow down to CHI HUAVERA!”

15. “Meditation will give us the answers.”

16. “Build strength in a motorcycle army. Dogs on motorcycles will really throw enemy’s off cause, like, what?”

17. “Outlaw throwing balls the size of my head. It is scary and I don’t like it.”

18. “We must decide leaders as the Greeks: through wrestling. That’s what they did, right?”

19. “Protection from aliens is key to our survival.”

20. “Hide. Trouble lurks everywhere.”

21. “Communism is the only way to go.”

22. “What was wrong with good ol’ Puritan values?”

23. “Wait no more hoomans? Who’s gonna carry me around? We can keep them, right?”

24. “I have nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion.”

25. “I believe the best societies are those run by theistic realism”

26. “Fear God, fear me and you’ll be fine.”

27. “I should be Queen because I look like a Queen and you should bow dow to me. I mean, England worked out okay for a while, right?”

28. “Just chill, bra. We’ll figure it out as we evolve.”