19 Chihuahua Memes That Are Weirdly Relatable

1. When nature calls at the worst possible time:

2. When you get stabbed in the back:

rindang_grumpy / Via instagram.com

3. When you’ve got your shit “together”:

chihuahua_digest / Via instagram.com

4. When someone gets too real with you:

5. When you ask the important questions:

6. When you just wanna be left alone:

fluffypiqasso / Via instagram.com

7. When everything hits you at once:

8. When you’re smol and serene:

awesome12223 / Via instagram.com

9. When the weekend flashes before your eyes:

10. When your anxiety takes over:

11. When you and Kylie Jenner become one:

grantkary / Via instagram.com

12. When you swear off alcohol forever:

chihuahua_digest / Via instagram.com

13. When you’ve got a supportive, lying-ass friend:

chihuahua_digest / Via instagram.com

14. When you put on an Oscar-winning performance:

15. When you transform in the blink of an eye:

16. When you can smell the FAKE from a mile away:

17. When your friend stops lovin’ themselves:

18. When your hunger speaks for itself:

19. And finally, when your style is on point:

fluffypiqasso / Via instagram.com